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Top 5 Best Motivational Movies For Students 2021

Top best motivational movies for student in hindi 
Author : sujal rajapure 

List of best motivational movies for students. student life is very tough job and full filled with lots of distraction. so student want motivation that power them to accomplished their dream. 

we shortlist some motivational movies that you can watch it and utilized your free time. 

Here are some motivational bollywood movies with a little bit of fun that motivate student to focused in life. This movies teach the student how to face any situation in life. 

we bring the best list of motivational movies that you can watch easily on youtube . we listed this movies with our effortful research. 

so without any futher delay. 

Lets start, 


motivational movies for students (lakshya)

Cast: This movie is release in 2004 and directed by farhan akthar, starring with hrithik roshan and preity zinta 

storyline: karan, an aimless young boy , joins the Indian Army but he back out because, he find soldier life is too difficult . When this create conflict with his girlfriend, he rejoins the Indian Army with clear aim to make her proud. similarly in student life. if they doesn’t have any aim then their life is meaningless 

If you doesn’t have any aim in life then this movie is for you. This movie really inspired you.  

watch it at once

watch trailer of motivational movie (lakshya)

motivational songs of lakshya

This movie contain a best motivational songs that gives energy and fire motivation to student that they can study hard. this movie contain 5 songs which are :

list of motivational songs

  1. lakshya title song
  2. main aisa kyon hoon
  3. khandon se milte hain khandhe

youtube link :


picture of 3 idiot motivational movie

image source : 

Cast: The movie is release in 2009 and directed by rajkumar hirani, starring with Amir Khan, R Madhavan and sharman joshi . 

storyline: movie start with two friend so they are searching their long lost friend. 

they revisit their past days of college and recall old memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, 

even as the rest of the world called them “idiots” . This movie is very interesting to watch and enjoyable . 

This movie tell’s you to think different in world. so students can watch this movie with their friend and family. 

watch trailer of 3 idiots movie

youtube link :

motivational songs of 3 idiot :

list of songs

  1. Aal izz well
  2. behti hawa sa tha woh
  3. give me some sunshine
  4. jaane nahi denge tujhe


picture of super 30 movies
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image source : bollywood 

cast: This movie is release in 2019 and directed by vikas bahl, starring with hrithik roshan, mrunal thakur and pankaj tripathi 

storyline: This movie is real story based movie on the struggling life of anand kumar who is patna based mathematician . who runs famous program super 30 for poor students of IIT aspirant in patna. 

This movie is source of motivation for jee aspirants and helps them a lots for preparation of exam. 

So watch the movie because its really inspired you and fullfilled with fire of motivation in you .

trailer of super 30

youtube link :

list of motivational songs of super 30

  1. Question mark
  2. jugraafiya
  3. niyam ho
  4. paisa


image of taare zameen par movie

Cast: This movie is release on 2007 and directed by Amir Khan, Amole Gupta .starring with amir khan and darsheel safary. 

storyline : a 8-year old boy suffering from parent pressure . parents thought that he has lazy. but ,he had a problem of reading and writing. so parents sent him away to a boarding school. where he get art teacher ram. ram understand the problem of boy and teach him as a friend. after couples of days he become a good student and parent also proud of him. 

This movie refreshing your childhood days. so my recommendation is to watch this movie with your kids that has an emotional touch. 

taare zameen par movie trailer

youtube link :

list of motivational songs of taare zameen par

  1. taare zameen par
  2. jame raho
  3. mera jahan
  4. bum bum bole

Wake up sid

image of wake up sid movie

Cast: This movie is release on 2007 and directed by Ayan Mukerji , starring with ranveer kapoor and konkona sen sharma. 

storyline: character siddharth mehra ,which is a spoiled young adult living in his world. 

he feels experiences a change in his lazy life when he meets a woman at a party.  

who’s inspired him to wake up in life , so overall this movie best for those who are living in there own world. 

make sure all this movie is best movie for student, so watch it and go to the path of your goal.

watch trailer of wake up sid

youtube link : 

list of motivational songs of wake up sid

  1. wake up sid! title songs
  2. kya karoon
  3. aaj kal zindagi
  4. iktara
  5. life is crazy

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